Introducing the Oxy-Breather Single-Sided Cannula System


End the Embarassment

When you wear a cannula that is as elegant and discrete as the OXY-BREATHER:

- You can be active again

- Go out on the town again

- Find your face again

- Feel comfortable at work again

- And reclaim your life

Feel the Freedom

Because our single-sided cannula is supported by an ear-piece and boom, you feel

- FREEDOM from constraint and pulling

- FREEDOM of movement

- FREEDOM to sleep without plastic on one side

- FREEDOM from the looks and stares

- FREEDOM to wear jewelry

- FREEDOM to live your life again




For the first time I can ride my bike without any irritation from cannula tubing! Thank you for this freedom!
Laura M.

You have a big hit on your hands; the Oxy-Breather is ‘Comfort to the Max’!
Holly L.

The first time I wore my Oxy-Breather I received a compliment on how great I look!
Minnie M.

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