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The single-sided Oxy-Breather helps you live with comfort, dignity
and style

The greatest concern for those who use medical oxygen on a daily basis is the painful irritation the cannula tubing causes over the ears, nose and face.

Even with the latest cannula aides the plastic tubing can still irritate the skin, inhibit movement and mobility, and doesn’t address the debilitating stigma and social embarrassment.

Oxy-Tech, together with SoftHose have combined patented technologies to offer the most comfortable and discretely stylish way to breathe oxygen while delivering the same safe levels of continual oxygen flow.

Introducing the Oxy-Breather, the most comfortable daytime-use oxygen delivery system in the world.

No cannula ulcer

No more sores. Source

Mick using product

Ease and Comfort

Heidi using product

Style and comfort


Easy to use

Our Manufacturing Partners:
Softhose - the Ideal Nightwear Cannula


  • Unbelievable lightweight comfort
  • Discrete and trendy appearance
  • Eliminates irritation on ears and face
  • Provides complete freedom of movement without any restrictions from single-sided cannula tubing
  • Encourages an active lifestyle
  • Single-sided cannula stays soft in freezing weather and high altitudes
  • Can wear jewelry without getting tangled in tubing
  • Eliminates line marks on face and cheeks
  • Patented technology with “V”-shaped nasal cannula
  • Tubing Clip provided to attach to your collar or shirt to prevent pulling on the ears and nose
  • Single-sided cannula tubing is tangle free

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