The Oxy-Breather Single-Sided Nasal Cannula – YOUR CANNULA FOR LIFE

Leave the standard nasal cannula in the hospital where it belongs and bring home The World’s Most Comfortable Nasal Cannula!

Why Single-Sided Is Better than the Standard Nasal Cannula

We designed the Oxy-Breather’s single-sided nasal cannula to eliminate as much plastic from the face as possible.

In doing so, we not only created the most elegant and comfortable nasal cannula on the market, we also provided the long term oxygen user with new-found freedoms:

  • FREEDOM of Movement

  • FREEDOM from Irritation

  • FREEDOM from Embarrassment

  • FREEDOM to Live Life Again!

Hiking with portable oxygen and the world's most comfortable nasal cannula

How to Use Our Single-Sided Nasal Cannula

The Oxy-Breather is a single-sided cannula system consisting of a reusable earpiece assembly which supports our single-sided nasal cannula.  A clothing clip is also provided to secure the hose and prevent pulling and tugging.

It’s as easy as inserting the nasal prongs into your nose, putting on the earpiece, and attaching the clothing clip to your collar or shirt. Watch the video for detailed instructions.

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The World’s Most Comfortable Nasal Cannula.  The Happiest Customers.

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