Leave the standard cannula in the hospital and bring home The World’s Most Comfortable Oxygen Nasal Cannula!


Why Single-Sided Oxygen Nasal Cannula Is Better than the Standard Nasal Cannula

  • FREEDOM of Movement

  • FREEDOM from Irritation

  • FREEDOM from Embarrassment

  • FREEDOM to Live Life Again!

Hiking Couple Portable Oxygen and Single-Sided Nasal Cannula
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How to Use Our Single-Sided Oxygen Nasal Cannula

The OxyBreather is a revolutionary new ‘single-sided‘ oxygen nasal cannula that is worn on the Left Side of the face, designed to look more like a bluetooth device, than a medical device. The OxyBreather has an Earpiece/Support Arm assembly that stabilizes the ‘single-sided’ tubing onto the face and into the nostrils, with unparalleled comfort, as the softest and lighest cannula in the world. So comfortable that most customers tell us they forget they have tubing on their face at all. This unique ‘single-sided’ delivery system allows the oxygen user to ‘reuse’ the Earpiece/Support Arm assembly throughout the year by simply replacing a new ‘Refill’ (replacement) single-sided tube when needed. The OxyBreather comes with a ‘Tubing Clip’ in which helps secure the ‘single-sided’ tubing to the collar or shirt to prevent painful pulling or tugging on the ears and nose. Designed for portability and comfort, the OxyBreather works with all medical oxygen tanks and portable oxygen concentrators.

To use the OxyBreather, first attach the ‘Tubing Clip’ onto the left side of shirt or collar; then place the Earpiece/Support Arm assembly over the left ear; then place the nasal prongs into the nose; then adjust the length of the tubing from the ear to the nose by moving the tubing inside the support arm to get that perfect fit of comfort.

Watch the video for more detailed instructions.

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The World’s Most Comfortable Nasal Cannula.  The Happiest Customers.

Chanel’s Testimonial Review from Chanel White, The Tubefed Wife

Chanel White wearing an Oxy-breather


“OxyBreather is a truly one of a kind cannula! Traditional cannulas created uncomfortable ear pressure that lead to severe pain during my use of home oxygen therapy. There were times where I would have rather had a low oxygen headaches than wear a cannula for another moment! The OxyBreather took 100% of that horrid ear pain away! It’s also extremely discreet which is wonderful for a young woman like myself. I am so glad there is something like this on the market!” – Chanel White, 24

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