Single-Sided Nasal Cannula Starter Set


First-time single-sided oxygen users start here! 

The Oxy-Breather starter set has everything you need to begin breathing single-sided oxygen. It delivers the same safe levels of oxygen as the standard cannula (up to 4 LPM) while it removes two-thirds of the plastic tubing from your face.

When you need to replace your cannula simply purchase a single sided cannula refill from our store and place the new tubing into the reusable earpiece and support arm assembly that are included in your starter set.

To order online simply select a 4 foot or 7 foot hose from the options below and add to cart.
Or you can call us to order: (833) 699-8324 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note: $6.00 shipping and handling added at checkout for all US orders and $16.00 for all international orders.

Key Benefits

Exceptionally soft tubing combined with a revolutionary design innovation come together to create the World’s Most Comfortable Cannula.

Feel the difference where it really makes a difference:

  • Ears – instead of draping tubing behind your ears causing irritation with every motion, we support our nasal cannula with a comfortable earpiece assembly that eliminates most ear pressure;
  • Nose – nasal prongs so thin and soft you’ll forget they’re even in there;
  • Neck – no cinching required!  Your neck remains open and free;
  • Face – find your face again!  Help people to look beyond your tubing and discover your face again.

united_states_of_america_usaWe proudly manufacture and assemble your Oxy-Breather in the USA


What's Included

1 Single-Sided Cannula
1 Ear Piece
1 Support Arm
1 Clothing Clip

Nasal Cannula Nose Piece

The softest and thinnest nasal cannula prongs/nares on the market.

Clothing/Tubing Clip

Use it to clip your cannula tubing to collar or shirt. This keeps it out of your way and keeps it from being pulled off should your tubing be suddenly jerked.


The flexible earpiece is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. It connects to the support arm in a simple spoke-and-hub fashion.

Nasal Cannula Support Arm

The support arm securely fastens onto the oxygen tubing and holds it up at a comfortable angle leading the tubing and prongs to the nose. It connects to the ear piece in a simple spoke-and-hub fashion and supports your single-sided cannula while keeping it AWAY FROM YOUR EARS, CHEEKS, AND NECK.

Nasal Cannula Tubing

Comes in 4 foot and 7 foot sizes. Capacity of up to 4 Liters of Oxygen per Minute.


This is a standard-sized bushing that connects most tanks and POC's.

Customer Experiences

Read testimonials of Oxy-Breather users here.

Material Safety

All of the materials used to make these cannulas are the same that all manufacturers use (PVC). The super flexible tubing is a medical grade PVC compound that passed standard toxicology tests. The adhesive used to bond all connections is the same used by major manufacturers. Like all cannulas these are not sterile but they are made in a clean environment and all the tubing and fittings are manufactured to the same standards of cleanliness.

How Long Do They Last

It varies among patients.  The Oxy-Breather single sided cannula can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on use and environmental conditions.  Oxygen patients should consult their physicians regarding best practices for cannula replacement.

How It Works

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