We Want To Be Your Nasal Cannula FOR LIFE

We’ve seen significant advances in oxygen delivery over the last several decades.  We now have portable oxygen concentrators the size of lunch boxes that can deliver oxygen for hours.  With all of these advances, however, why are we still breathing through the same old nasal cannula that was designed in the 1950’s?

However you wear it, and no matter what it’s made of, the standard nasal cannula causes problems – both physical and emotional.

That’s why we created the Oxy-Breather – to be your nasal cannula for life.  Why live with pain and embarrassment when you can reclaim your life and go back to the way things were before your diagnosis.

Once you try it on, we are confident that you will agree that we’ve developed the most elegant, comfortable, and light-weight nasal cannula on the market.

OXY-TECH is committed to improving the quality of life for long term oxygen users – not only with our products but also by advocating for legislation and pushing other manufacturers to create more patient-centered products.
Happy customer guaranteed. If you are not delighted with your Oxy-Breather, let us know and we will make it right with a replacement or a refund.
Oxygen therapy is very personal for us, and we believe that as long as you have to be on oxygen, why not make the best of it.  Living with oxygen does not have to limit you, cause you embarrassment, and it certainly should not cause you pain or discomfort.

OXY-TECH Founder’s Journey

For Oxy-Breather inventor, Sydney Warren, it all  started at home.  She witnessed firsthand how her mother – a once elegant and active women – become depressed and reclusive within a very short time of being placed on 24 hour oxygen therapy due to COPD. Sydney recalls with much sadness how her mother confined herself to her home to avoid embarrassment – she didn’t even want to move from her chair because she didn’t want to deal with the painful rubbing of the plastic tubing on her ears and face which had created sores and scars on her ears and cheeks.   “She called the nasal cannula her chains,” recalls Sydney, “her plastic chains.”

Sydney tried all sorts of solutions to help her mom deal with the discomfort and embarrassment of the standard cannula.  Pads for her ears and cushions for her cheeks – none of it really helped much or worked that great.

A proven innovator and successful inventor with over 23 patents and 44 patents pending, Sydney knew she had to do something to solve these problems.  Today she is called the Oxygen Queen for her prolific contributions to the field.   From Oxygen for dogs to Oxygen piped in through ski goggles for high altitude sports, you can get  a good idea from the images below the extent to which Sydney has contributed to the fields of Oxygen Supplementation and Therapy.

The current Oxy-Breather nasal cannula is the result of years of design, testing and refinement.  Though her mom did not live to try Sydney’s Oxy-Breather, Sydney says she hears her words in her customer’s praises and that makes it all worth the years of hard work.

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