First-time single-sided oxygen users start here! 

The Oxy-Breather starter set has everything you need to begin breathing single-sided oxygen. It delivers the same safe levels of oxygen as the standard cannula (up to 4 LPM) while it removes two-thirds of the plastic tubing from your face.

When you need to replace your cannula simply purchase a single sided cannula refill  from our store and place the new tubing into the reusable earpiece and support arm assembly that are included in your starter set.

Key Benefits

Exceptionally soft tubing combined with a revolutionary design innovation come together to create the World’s Most Comfortable Cannula.

Feel the difference where it really makes a difference:

  • Ears – instead of draping tubing behind your ears causing irritation with every motion, we support our nasal cannula with a comfortable earpiece assembly that eliminates most ear pressure;
  • Nose – nasal prongs so thin and soft you’ll forget they’re even in there;
  • Neck – no cinching required!  Your neck remains open and free;
  • Face – find your face again!  Help people to look beyond your tubing and discover your face again.

united_states_of_america_usaWe proudly manufacture and assemble your Oxy-Breather in the USA

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